IPList.cc - FAQ

What is IPList.cc?

This site offers free IP information about all existing IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. There is geo IP information relating IP addresses to a specific country, information about TOR exit nodes, ASN details, spam lists, websites and miscellaneous details about IP addresses, such as descriptions or allocated cities.

How to use

You can lookup information about an address from our homepage or by using the API.


The information on this site is provided free of charge for both personal and commercial use. If you like using our service a donation is appreciated in one of the following ways:

  • Bitcoin: 1GSW6P2n9h9jwRibriUXnHZt9AdcCv6MPC
  • Bitcoin cash: bitcoincash:qz60k9cwcj8eu8er2nql4txxl2shgqq34v5eggy4zu
  • Monero: 42E4eW8veNgCLAsshWuRsiYA1DW98jsEEHsswVyYi98aC4HaNc5Xa3YDFDkAUNpBQrYQNj4SHMNVf9fYGsYJjAqaLcepSww


The information we use consits of Geo IP information (IP location) and public ASN, TOR, spam, VPN and website data which comes from various public sources. The data is continuously updated, usually daily and some information is updated every hour.
The accuracy is constrained by these parameters, we strive to provide 98%+ accuracy.


When using the service the requested IP address is transmitted as part of the URL and is automatically stored in the server logs. This data is deleted after three days. The only information permanently stored is the amount of requests per IP address as this helps limit potential abuse to our service.


Any questions can be send to info@iplist.cc